Sunday, July 14, 2013

Running, Fitness First, and how they change me

End of this month, I’m reaching the end of my contract with Fitness First. 16 months. It has been a love and hate relationship. (More love than hate now that they have upgraded me to First Club member).

The consultant just called me and checked if I want to extend the membership – they have just increased their price by another 3% - it’s now approx. $145 / month! T_T I told them that I would like to think first since it’s getting really expensive, but deep inside I know that I have no bargaining power – it’s the nearest one to office and my daily shower place now :p

My daily hang-out place - Gym's drink's corner :p
After 16 months of gym, I tried to ask myself if I see any changes in me. I browsed through my photos. Guess what – I actually didn’t change since I joined gym in 2012, but I do see an obvious difference when I picked up running back in 2011.

Left to Right: 2011 - before run, 2012 - after run and before gym, 2013 - after run and gym
Seriously, running is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, tested and proven. It might be one of the easiest too (even though it might not be the safest, based on how many times I visited hospital because of this)

Honestly though, even after two years of running, I’m not sure if I can call myself a passionate runner. I didn’t really look forward for a run, and I always feel breathless during the run. But I do enjoy the aftermath – the good sweat and the energized feeling. I guess that’s what keeps me going.

Just get myself a decent pair of Asics shoes today! - $125 after 30% discount
Even though I didn’t change much for the past one year, I think Fitness First does help me to maintain where I’m now. With my undying love for food and yet reducing metabolism rate, I guess I will call back my consultant and give her what she asked for :x

Alright, lets end the post with the root cause of all the run and gym - what goes to my stomach in the last 3 days:

Thurs' Lunch - Value Set Meal @ Ichiban Sushi
Thurs' Dinner - Italian Crunch @ KFC
Friday's Lunch - Beef Pasta @ TCC
Friday's Dinner - Shabu Shabu @ Watami
Saturday's Lunch - Ramen @ Tonkatsu King
Saturday's Dinner - Souper Value Meal @ Soup Spoon
I might have underestimated the gym after all,

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