Saturday, July 20, 2013

Henry's Farewell @ Indramaya, Nirwana Resort, Bintan

Finally got a chance to visit Bintan! :D Thanks to Tomy for the Villa and Fendi for being such a great tour guide ^^

Saturday, 20th July 2013

Tomy got us a 4-days posh villa for $250. Super good deal that make me wish to work in his company too. There are 13 of us and we split the departure to 2 trips. The first one went on Friday night. I followed the second trip which went on Saturday morning, 8AM! Took a taxi to the Ferry Terminal, which is quite reasonable after split to 4 (approx $8 / person).

Ticket collection @ Bintan Resort Ferries :D $68.4 for roundtrip
We're here again! Tanah Merah Cruise Terminal
The group 2! In the ferry waiting for departure
The ferry actually looks quite clean compared with the one to Batam :p
Snacks - at quite a reasonable price
It was early in the morning and I felt quite sleepy. I dozed off before the ferry departed and by the time I opened my eyes... it's Bintan!

Bintan terminal view, taken from the Ferry :D
Our driver for the day, Renold, picked us up and we went directly to the resort. The resort is located really close the terminal, around 15 mins by car. Alas, the resort is huge. So huge that we got lost for another 15 mins trying to figure out the place. It was 10.30am by the time we reached the Villa.

First time staying in such a huge villa!
The swimming pool! You'll play a important role soon
Master room! There are 2 other big common rooms as well
The key to all the fun
After a quick freshen up, all of us (except July who insisted to write thesis at the villa), started our adventure to Tanjung Pinang! It was lunch time but we don't really know many places, so we left it to the driver to recommend food. Turn out that most places were closed because of fasting month T_T We ended up at Sei Enam seafood, which served decent food, but nothing great :(

Otah + Teh Botol :D The Otah is actually quite good!
Three wise monkeys pose while waiting for food XD
Itadakimas! The signature was the Siput GongGong. But it looks really huge and scary we didn't finish it
Group pics after the lunch!
After lunch, we went to the biggest mall in Tanjung Pinang, which turned out to be smaller than a heartland mall T_T There is only one supermarket + one timezone in the mall. We ended up playing some games at Timezone.

These many tix = 1 small pack of chips
Next stop was a temple - don't really know the temple name but supposely one of the biggest temple around the area. There was another big temple called 500 luohan, too bad it was closed for renovation T_T

Stopped at side road for some snacks :p everything for Rp 500! O.O
At the Buddhist Temple :D
At Banyan Tree Temple! Look at the roots!
At yet another temple with cute statues!
Finished with our temple visit, we went to Trikora beach and spent some time relaxing there ^^ The weather was good and there aren't so many people around. We slept, camwhore, jumped around the places XD
Love the Trikora Beach!
After beaches, we decided to go back to the resort (since nothing much else to see as well), but made a stop at Pasar Oleh-Oleh for delicious dinner :D

This nice delicious fried rice is Rp 15,000!
Went to the small shop and bought cup noodle XD
Reached back Villa at around 7.30pm and started to entertain ourselves with the many things - food, games, ktv, swimming pool.

I can't believe this thing still exist! Found it at the small shop
Our snacks!
Oh I missed the Nasi Padang already @ Rp 30,000
After two hours of relaxing, we decided that it's time for the highlight of the trip - the throwing of Henry to the pool! :D We planned it so carefully that he didn't suspect it at all (or he is just too innocent). Different people executed different checklist before the ceremony. "Do you have a change of cloth?", "Do you have your wallet in your pocket?", "Where is your handphone?" After we got all the checklist ticked, we kicked-off the execution.

The guys carrying him to the pool with Inche supervising :p
The point of no return
Mission Accomplished!
Once he got out from the pool, we passed Rina and Henry a couple Danmark Tshirt :D Two of our friends are flying over to Danmark T_T sad and happy at the same time.

Danmark - All Together :D
The Family Pic + Shivering Guy
Family Pic - Guy Side XD
We continued playing until 1am and I went sleeping afterwards, sharing a king size bed with Inche and Jess :D

Sunday, 21st July 2013

The next day, I woke up at 9am, had a nice swimming + breakfast, then went out on buggy to the beach nearby. Weather was really sunny - good time to take pics!

Mayang Sari Beach!
Silhouette Pose! I love the coconut tree! Lol
Lunch was at the resort area as well - Makan Makan food court. The food looks delicious but I was too full after my breakfast at 11am, so decided to be there and watch others eat.

BBQ Chicken - $8 @ Makan-Makan
We spent the rest of the evening playing pool + KTV. We wanted to book the private room for KTV, but it has been booked but another bunch of people, so we ended up at the free public KTV, which turned out to be a big private KTV since no one else was there.

Our KTV Room XD
The Singers :p We just need to order $3 drink to stay there
We went back at around 6pm and had our last nasi padang before bidding good bye to the resort.

The right way to eat nasi padang - with hand! :D
Sunset Beach! Took the pic 2 mins too late T_T
Waiting for the bus to carry us to the ferry
We reach the Ferry Terminal at around 7.30pm and took the last ferry back to Singapore at 8.15pm. I reached back Singapore at around 10pm. Thanks God we managed to get taxi and reached back home at 11pm. Knocked down at 12am for a good night sleep.

Honestly, there is nothing much at Bintan - expensive food and so-so beach. But I had much fun thanks to the companions :D :D

Biggest overnight outing yet!

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