Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mini SCE Reunion @ Jamie's Italian

Jamie's is in the house! Can't believe that I got a chance to try it one week after its opening ^^ Thanks to Edmond and Helios for queuing up :p

Mini SCE Reunion - Thanks Helios for organizing!

Jamie's Italian is located at one of the corners at Vivocity Level 1. Vivo has changed so much! Despite going there every other week, I still kept finding new restaurants there. Opposite Jamie's was a Poulet O.O Don't know since when it exists.

Jamie's Italian!
I was quite surprised with the decoration. I thought it will be a bright family restaurant type. Turned out to be a bar type. Slightly disappointed as I don't like loud place. 

The interior - I'm still curious if those are real bread
The one pager menu!
Tagliatelle Bolognese - $22++
Prawn Linguine - $25++
The Jamie's Italian Burger - $27.5
Famous Polenta Chips - $7.5
 There was nothing fancy about the food :( Well, at least my burger doesn't meet my expectation. It's too small and dry and tasteless for a 30 bucks burger. The Pasta looks much better - maybe I will try it if I ever go back again. The Polenta Chips was quite unique, but not as special as, lets say, KFC's cheese fries :p

The bill :D comes in cute box.
Had fun chatting with the guys. It finally came to my realisation that majority of my friends are taking Master degree!! Helios is going to take Master in Computer Science, Edmond is taking Master in Information System, Adi has finished Master in Finance. Talking with them making me wanting to do the same! I'm really impressed with their determination.

Maybe I should start hunting for Master programme instead of hunting for food,

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