Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Dinner @ Porn's - Star Vista

Well, I read the restaurant name thrice before I posted it to ensure there is no misspell ^^; Porn’s has been around for awhile – remember seeing it every time we went to Bugis for dessert. I have wanted to eat Thai food for a while. Now that our trip to Phuket is cancelled, Thai Restaurant might be a good compromise.
Thai Restaurant - Porn's - Sexy Thai Food
Most of the utensils come with the ass logo ^^;
We ordered the three most typical Thai Food :p The food wasn’t disappointing, and the potion was to my liking. Hehe… To be honest, the Tom Yam was too spicy even for me. The spiciness went all the way to my brain and I felt headache for a while. Thankfully, we ended the meal with the sweet sticky rice mango, which saved my day.

Green Curry Chicken - $10.9
Tom Yum Chicken (Large) - $10.9
Sticky Rice Mango - $9.9
After dinner, we walked around Star Vista to check things out. I like the open space concept :) supposedly more environment friendly, I guess :p The mall has all the usual shopping brands and lots of dining options. The mall is quite similar with Clementi Mall (I bet they are from the same developer) and two MRT stops nearer for us. I can see that we’ll be going there back more often in the future :p 

Sheltered Path all the way from Buona Vista MRT!
It's Open Space Pavilion - Wonder how it looks like when it rains
Hi, Santa!
The Grand Design. Coming Up next - Box Office @ Level 3 :D
Till the next visit!

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